The Abduction and Captivity of Elizabeth Smart Part 1: Taken

Before I dive into this case I would like to put this disclaimer out there for those of you reading. When I am writing about true crime I want to make it very clear how much respect and empathy I have for the victims and those affected by the heinous acts of violence and terror…

Series 1 Reveal

            Abduction, rape, torture, and prolonged captivity. Things that nightmares and horror movies are made of, the pain of a mother losing her child to a stranger and the trials and tribulations of keeping hope alive when all feels lost. As a mother myself I couldn’t imagine the grief of losing my child at all,…

About the Author.

Hello and welcome to the new home for my thoughts and writings on the many cases and stories that have captivated me over time. A little about me; I’ve always been drawn in to many of the darker aspects of this world and wondered why not everyone explored these subjects with such hungry curiosity .…

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