Series 1 Reveal

            Abduction, rape, torture, and prolonged captivity. Things that nightmares and horror movies are made of, the pain of a mother losing her child to a stranger and the trials and tribulations of keeping hope alive when all feels lost. As a mother myself I couldn’t imagine the grief of losing my child at all, least of all under such horrific circumstances. Cases such as these pull on my emotions in a way I can’t explain and keep me awake at night truly questioning the phrase “Everything happens for a reason.” A phrase I often say myself, and on most occasion truly believe, but when I look into these cases centered around children I do have to ask myself why? What reason could there be for such evil in this world, it’s a question we as humans will forever be asking I presume.

            However tragic and however unlikely though, there are those who survive these harrowing events, live through them to tell their story and to be reunited with the grieving mother. I think from time to time it’s ever important to step back and acknowledge the strength individuals such as these have shown, before, during, and after their captivity.

            If you haven’t figured it out by now, my first series of blog entries here on Freaky Fascination will be highlighting two very different survivors and their story of where they were, what they went through, and where they are now. Two highly publicized cases and two very resilient young girls and both survived.

Let’s talk about it.

Author: freakyfascination

I like to write about the things that fascinate me and take up endless space in my brain.

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