About the Author.

Hello and welcome to the new home for my thoughts and writings on the many cases and stories that have captivated me over time.

A little about me; I’ve always been drawn in to many of the darker aspects of this world and wondered why not everyone explored these subjects with such hungry curiosity . I think maybe that’s because we as humans naturally fear what we do not understand.

Why do people kill?

Why do some blindly follow cult leaders to their eventual death?

Are the things that go bump in the night real? ….And if they’re not, why do so many insist on having such believably similar experiences?

What exactly is it in our brain that calls us to explore these rabbit holes? Are we morbidly fascinated or are others just scared to explore the many travesties and mysteries of this world?

My interests and passion in such subjects range from true crime all the way to aliens and the more paranormal of incidents. What you as a reader will find here are situations, stories, cases, or anything else I find “freaky fascinating.” I intend on writing such entries based on research I have done on my own whether be scouring the internet or reading a book. I will do my best to source all of my writing and include links or books with which I gathered my information from, however I will be inserting my thoughts and opinions in every piece I choose to post here.

Author: freakyfascination

I like to write about the things that fascinate me and take up endless space in my brain.

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